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Membership Benefits

  • Competitive pricing across most major lens vendors
  • Accounting software verifies correct pricing from manufacturers
  • Competitive UPS shipping rates
  • Consolidation of short/RX orders in one shipment
  • Real time availability of inventory levels for same-day shipping
  • High percentage of fill rates
  • Late cut-off times for order submission
  • Online ordering of lenses for ECPs
  • One-stop shopping for products from multiple manufacturers
  • Orders picked and packed by like manufacturer
  • Returns sent to one location
  • Lab reduction of inventory space and personnel
  • Ability to order products not carried in the distribution center
  • Inventory management support
  • Order fulfillment from a modern, 34,000-square-foot distribution center
  • Using Opticom, all products can be fulfilled by placing a single order. If we have the products in stock, we fulfill the order. If not, Opticom automatically sends the order directly to the vendor for fulfillment.
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Our Facility

Our state-of-the-art distribution center is so much more than a warehouse. Inside our 34,000-square-foot facility, a fully computerized fulfillment process ensures that each order is placed quickly and accurately. Your order is received to our Warehouse Management System, picked via wrist-mounted RF units, packed and staged, and shipped—all within a few hours.

Blue circles Types of Membership


Associate Members receive all the benefits of membership—including product discounts, convenient online ordering, same-day shipping and supply chain support—without owning stock in the company.


In addition to all the services listed above, Equity Members receive stock in Global Optics, Inc. Equity Membership makes the most sense for larger optical labs. These memberships must be approved by our board of directors.

Our Equity Members


Independent optical labs throughout the country have discovered the benefits of membership with Global Optics. Here’s what they have to say.

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Become a Member

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