Member Benefits

The reality is the competitive landscape has drastically changed for the Independent Optical Lab over the past 20 years. An industry once dominated by Independent Labs now feels the pressure of the ever growing corporate lab presence, in addition to offshore laboratories, the opportunities and challenges of Digital manufacturing and the complexity of inventory and vendor relationships.

Now the Independent Wholesale Optical Labs have a place to turn for help. Your Global Optics Membership provides access to the largest and most exclusive warehousing group. We are always looking for select new members. Incredible savings on shipping and creative solutions and negotiations with our vendors are just part of our services. We offer independent laboratories a means of sharing ideas and goals leading to improved service and product availability for your member laboratories success.

  • High fill rates
  • Reduces your cost of laboratory inventory
  • Single source shipping
  • Broader product availability
  • Superior shipping rates available for your laboratory
  • Consolidated vendor negotiations leading to lower pricing
  • Maintain independence of vendors and materials
  • E-commerce ordering
  • Inventory management support
  • Consolidated ordering for products not available in warehouse
  • Laboratories purchasing records accessible through internet
  • Bi-annual shareholder meetings
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